partially funded by the European Commission

  After 18 months of Market Validation activities under the EC funded TEN Telecom programme, Senior Online (Solten) will be launched on the market. Conditions for addressing the Senior citizen European market with the Senior Online Internet portal, using a starter training package to create interest and stimulate customers' interest, are highly promising.
In the near future 87 percent of Spanish seniors will be provided with computers (Portatiles).
In the near future in Europe will open Photography Schools with distance learning for pensioners.
Universities are always open for older Europeans. Recently it became possible to study the program "masters in human resources online".
In 2009, thousands pensioners (or "Senioren" in German) make online purchases in Germany and Austria every day.
A payday loan provides seniors with an unsecured, short-term Cash Advance until next payday.
2010 was a year of improvement and expansion of the Internet for pensioners in Europe. Creates a simple and understandable online services for them, such as project "Free Drivers from Driver Access" and "Digital Signage Solutions". Through this online service inexperienced mature users can customize and update own computer equipment.
Many elderly people learn online trading now. They learn new concepts such as "Internet Banking" and "Merchant Circle".


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